Reflections from the Road

In preparation to launch Odyssey Young Leaders Academy, I hit the road to visit several amazing schools across the U.S. I have been from the East Coast to the West Coast to get a close-up view of best practices, new strategies, time-honored traditions, and experienced experts.  I have gone to Waldorf, Montessori, and Expeditionary Learning schools; public, private, and charter schools; large schools, micro-schools, and many somewhere in-between. I have spent time in schools doing project-based learning, maker-centered learning and others following progressive education models. All along the way I have been inspired to blend the beauty, goodness, creativity and depth I have seen into what will be Odyssey Young Leaders Academy.

I'd like to frame a series of reflections to provide more of the road map for where the OYLA community is headed. Here's what is coming down the OYLA blog pipeline...

  • The Sacred Season of Childhood
  • Active, Transparent, Engaged
  • Good Progress
  • Rootedness
  • Simplicity Exploded
  • Craft, Compile, Celebrate
  • Rabbit Holes and Wonderland

I am so excited to share my travel takeaways with you. Take a look at my favorite stop in each city before we dive a little deeper! 

Austin: Longview-Micro School

New York City: Portfolio School

Denver: Downtown Denver Expeditionary School

San Diego: High Tech Elementary

San Francisco: Brightworks