How many students attend OYLA?

Odyssey Young Leaders Academy will cap enrollment at 40 students in year one to facilitate deep relational connection.

Collectives (Multi-age Classes): 10-15 students to 1-2 mentors

Crew (Mentor Groups): 6-10 students to 1 mentor


Students entering grades K to 5. Incoming Kindergarteners must be 5 years old by August 1st. 

How does lunch work at OYLA?

Students are able to bring their lunch to school each day. We will offer opportunities for students to order lunch from local establishments frequently throughout the year. In addition, for Friday Feast, students will be invited to bring ingredients for a communal meal throughout the year.

What curricula do you use?

At OYLA, while we do use a variety of rich resources and research-based pedagogy, we do not use standard textbooks and workbooks to form our learning curricula. We believe allowing teachers to create their own curricula with influence from students affords a deeper learning experience for all involved.

What kind of school is OYLA?

Odyssey Young Leaders Academy is not a particular kind of school. We have chosen to integrate a variety of pedagogical frameworks and innovative thought to pioneer a new way of "schooling". Odyssey has been influenced greatly by Expeditionary Learning, High Tech Elementary, Portfolio School, San Francisco Brightworks, The Number Lab, SF Schoolhouse, and more.

Why is there no grading at OYLA?

We believe traditional grading invites a variety of things that rob us from cultivating a healthy  learning environment, process, and learner. We want to provide feedback for students that is meaningful and frees them to become lifelong learners. Students will receive a narrative assessment at multiple times throughout the year detailing the growth, wonder, exploration, challenges and opportunities he or she is engaging in academic studies. In addition, each student will create a portfolio that details their learning journey at OYLA.

How do you handle discipline?

We recognize each circumstance and student are unique. We always want to move relationally and with a view of restoration when dealing with disciplinary issues. We are committed to partnering with parents, developing plans with students, and proactively equipping each learner with tools to maintain a peaceful learning community.

where will you have outdoor play?

Being in city-center, we are surrounded by great outdoor spaces. We have a playground and splash pad just across the street. We will also spend a great deal of time of Myriad Gardens, Scissortail Park (future), the Boathouse District, and more.

We are committed to being outside every day with your little one-rain or shine. 

will my child be safe moving to so many places Downtown?

We are so thankful to be located in the center of our city. We believe it enriches the learning experience of each child by providing them access to a variety of authentic learning opportunities. We have carefully researched and crafted safety procedures for moving children to various locations using the street car and sidewalks. The safety of each child is always our primary concern.

do students wear uniforms?

Yes! Students will wear uniforms to ensure safety as we do utilize many public spaces for learning. We also want students to feel comfortable, confident, and prepared for learning.

  • Active Uniform: OYLA gym shorts and OYLA t-shirt
  • Daily Uniform: OYLA polo and student choice of khaki shorts, pants, or OYLA skirt
  • Formal Uniform: OYLA oxford, OYLA tie, OYLA skirt or black pants
  • Students will also need to leave weather appropriate gear at school for outdoor play.
    • Raincoats, galoshes, hats, gloves, etc.

What does it cost to attend OYLA?

Tuition is $8000 per student.  A $500 multi-student discount is available.

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