Our Community

Odyssey Young Leaders Academy values each member of our community-learners, mentors, parents, family and friends. We believe our collective value comes from each unique member and multiplies as we share and grow together.



Our roots declare what our community values and shape our days together.

  •  IDENTITY-We seek to know who we are so we are free to be, become, & belong.
  • COMMUNITY-We believe doing things together is better. Collaboration and contribution is key to our educational process and membership in the world.
  • CURIOSITY-We continue to wonder, to ask, to understand infinite truths that fuel our learning.
  • CHALLENGE-We choose to push the limits, to take risks, to make mistakes in order to grow.


The OYLA community is a reflection of our larger community. We come from diverse homes and neighborhoods representing a variety of social, political, economic, and religious backgrounds. Together we reflect the beauty found all across our city. 

We will let the things we are learning grow into reflections of innovation, creativity, thought, and imagination for what our world can become. 

We will continually seek to be a community that reflects hope, compassion and wisdom to our ourselves and our neighbors.




Odyssey Young Leaders will learn to reach toward one another to provide inclusion, support, and safety. We will reach within ourselves to offer all we have in every moment. We will reach deeper and deeper to understand, be challenged, and grow. We will reach up knowing asking for help is a brave thing to do. We will reach out to our neighbors and our communities to live lives of service and love.