Launching Fall 2018

Odyssey Young Leaders Academy is a beautiful vision of what elementary education can be for kids. We are thrilled to build a community of learners who are empowered to discover the world in a way that inspires their curiosity and ignites their imaginations. We are committed to offering education that breathes freedom, identity, and passion into the hearts of students in a way that releases them to dig deeply, think critically, and work meaningfully in a collaborative community of learners.

We are creating space to welcome your children into a story worth living. We hope you will join our journey as we cultivate the community of Odyssey Young Leaders Academy. We are certain it will be a truly extraordinary place for your children to grow!



When children have deep relational roots, they experience freedom to take risks, face challenges, and grow in infinite ways!         


Multi-Age Collectives

The age-diversity in our learning collectives invites students into a narrative of collaboration, mastery, and mentoring.      



Each student will build a body of work to express their unique passions and perspectives throughout their learning experiences at OYLA.

Our Team


Emilee Little

Head of School

Emilee Little is a visionary leader who is passionate about pursuing justice in communities through education. She studied Family and Child Development at the University of Central Oklahoma. Professionally, she designed children's curriculum, engaged college students, developed corporate communities, and led a middle and high school.  Emilee and her daughter enjoy loving well in OKC, sharing meals with friends and neighbors, and letting their imaginations run wild to create beauty all around them.